and   RESOURCE MANAGEMENT

  Housing systems refers to a standard form of communal housing methods which can and will likely be introduced and used for organizing the lives of various humans with their many varied needs, wants, issues, concerns  and mental problems.  PUT SIMPLY, these method systems are the foundations by which the EMPIRICAL ORDER shall seek to build and organize any BASE of operations from a small tent city, to a large scale construction site, to completed living systems, which may be  housing and feeding ten's of thousands of people, and over time millions....  All as one massive family. 
1) Tent city development is an ideal starting point, and would allow for large numbers to be helped but will likely require the help of local city/ county governments to make operational on any large scale :  http://operationearth.empiricalchurch.org/OPERATIONS/
   The value of large scale tent city development is that it could be developed without requiring anyone to join the EMPIRICAL CHURCH and ORDER, and instead,  could simply be managed by EMPIRICAL CHURCH personel, on behalf of the government. (At an insanely fantastic price.)
2) The EMPIRICAL ORDER shall in time offer limited  housing systems for the public at large as a source of funding for all it's charitable efforts and to employ it's many recruited people in need of training and work, such as coversion of large hotels into assisted living centers for the young or elderly and as hospice homes for the poor.    
    These charitable aspects shall be dispensed and funded by what profitable aspects can be associated together with these living and training centers.    These locations of course being required to follow the same self sufficiency, self sustaining food production and material resource processing as all other locations, as churches and bases.
3) An EMPIRICAL ORDER base, which shall house ONLY dedicated card carring valid registered member disciples, is quite literally formed as a religious communal society, where the people and members who choose to live there do so based on one simple religious understanding, which is that we are all God's children, and as such all family, and it is simply proper for humans to live as Jesus and many other religious leaders have told us to live which is together as one massive team, not made of nations, or cultures, or determined by which book one reads, but by the reality that we are one species, one people, and we all have a shared destiny, together.  
4) Land lots are to be planned along simple long terms plans for development, and will generally be divided into AREAS, and AREAS divided into SECTORS, and SECTORS divided into UNITS.   With LIVING SYSTEM UNITS, making up the foundation of all developments.
5)  LIVING SYSTEM UNITS, can vary in size, from the smallest unit which is a community church, to small units of approximately one acre, to large units which maybe 10 acres in size. The limit to the size of these LIVING SYSTEM UNITS, is based on the technical challenges in converting such a land area and central housing structures into effective semi-bio dome enviornments which can collect all the ground and resperated water from all the plants and humans, to be cleaned and reused for continual farming practices all year round in semi-enclosed, air flow controlled, green houses.
6)  LIVING SYSTEM UNITS, can be square or circular, but in general will follow the outline as shown below.  Being made ideally from cargo containers due to cost and ease of construction.   The cargo containers are lined up and arraigned so as to form housing units which will form the walls of the square, allowing the central area to become enclosed, sealed and used as an enviormentally controlled green house.  These squares are then also surrounded by rows of covered tube green houses which have the air flowing over the plants and towards and into the central square, where all the collected air, from the exterior farms, and air from the living spaces and internal green house is made to pass through a water reclamation system to dry the air before releasing it.  In this way the vast percentage of all water used by humans and plants rather than being constantly lost each day, is retained and reused by being stored for that purpose, ideally in tanks bellow the cargo container housing units forming the square.
   This type of housing system, and water reclamation system is the basis for plans to terraform the desert into usable farm land, one acre, 10 acres, 100 acres at a time.













7)  Starting unit locations will of course begin with smaller units, and many smaller units will be deliberately built for the purposes of regulating housing management, and otherwise allow for the segregation of people, away from other people they have problems with. 
    Put another way,  people who exibit bizarre metal issues and tendencies will be grouped together over time so that their problems can be collectively addressed and managed, as well as studied in hopes of finding a common means of overcoming these problems.
8)  The key to prevention is to be disciplined about maintaining high standards and protocols to organize and manage any housing location, as such we form a rank based militant system of authority and regulation so that leadership can be cultivated and disciplined clean living maintained as mandatory at all times, and all issues can be immediately addressed and dealt with.   This being all described by the constitution of the EMPIRICAL ORDER.
9)  As described in FOOD PROGRAMS all unit locations are meant to be self sufficient and self productive of all food stuffs needed to feed it's housed humans, as well as fully composting all organic material wastes into fertiziler for the rapidly depleting soils.  What is not shown in the above image, or described in detail here is the details of the septic systems and reclamation methods to be used for collecting human waste, processing it, and composting it to be used to fertilize the soils used.  Put simply, a combination process will be used, likely including but not limited to methane production feces tanks, bug farming(not for consumption), clam farming(not for consumption), oven roasting at 300 degrees f...   for three hours, and composting methods which are all well known.  
10)  These LIVING SYSTEM UNITS, would ideally sit side by side with what will be termed WORK UNITS, where the people living in the LIVING SYSTEM UNITS, can go to work each day in service to our lord God, as disciple members.
11)  These WORK UNITS, shall be of many varied form and may take on any shape or patterns needed depending on whatever forms of work and training and operations can be pursued. However the standard WORK UNITS are to consist of extremely large hanger like structures which can then be modeled as needed for any purpose.


12) SPECIAL AREAS, shall be designated for special purposes over time, and are ideally meant to serve as foundations for expansion projects, such as AREAS offering ocean access,  or high altitudes, or unique material resources.  
      It needs to be understood, we cannot expand farming into land we already farm, and our present farm land is rapidly being depleted of nutrients, and must be chemically fertilized just to grow food, and this is a formula for disaster.
   We therefore, present these plans..  
   To build terra-forming housing and work settlements in the deserts, to transform what is worthless land into useable places of prosperity for humans to thrive.  And not only thrive, but establish such systems as to make it possible to ensure that as long as the location is not directly destroyed in some natural rapture scale event, that those humans living within these systems will very likely survive to see the new world, by having set up the means and processes to survive.
    Are you and your family prepared to survive??   Is your church doing anything to ensure your family see's the new world when this one ends???  
Maybe, you need an EMPIRICAL CHURCH.








living system unit