and   RESOURCE MANAGEMENT





There are 4 basic levels of food production which are required to be implemented by all living system locations built and run by the EMPIRICAL CHURCH  and  EMPIRICAL ORDER.


1)  In home, internal wall and shelving based plant systems to make use of wasted light energy produced within our homes to light them.



2)  Mid to large scale communal semi-bio dome farming / housing systems, to maximize water recycling and composting of all waste materials for re-use to organically enrich the soils over time instead of depleating them.



3)  Large scale out doors, and indoor farming systems in terraformed desert locations.



4)  Perfected closed system, completely recycling, composting and self sufficient housing and food production systems for permanent long term underground, under water and upper atmosphere work / project locations.  The perfection of these system with all manner of back up's and safe guards is absolutely mandatory to have hope to expand to the moon or to an orbital base with vast numbers of humans  to be able to ensure our species survives even if the entire surface of the earth is destroyed.  






WASTE MANAGEMENT :   means quite literally that we intend to process for safe fertilizer all human and animal waste products by means of well known modern methods, such as methane production tanks, bug farming, clam farming, over baking for sterilization, and long term composting.   The description and details of these system to be revealed as they are built and perfected so that others many adopt such systems.